Bordeaux dual-condiment bottle slump mold.
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Dual Condiment Bottle Slumping Mold

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Stoneware Ceramic slump mold for making a dual-well bottle serving dish. These high end molds are thicker and made of stoneware to last. Hand made by Daniel Gutzwiller.

These molds are not behemoths. They are as small as possible to maximize the use of kiln space.  When used on stainless steel kiln shelves, 15 bottles can be slumped in just 4.2 cubic feet, for only a few dollars worth of electricity (Rates vary with location).

Product dimensions 13.25" x 4.875" x 1.5"

This product is intended for industrial use only by experienced kiln forming professionals.

The dual, single and snack-n-dip molds are designed for 750ml Punted (Pushed Up) Claret / Bordeaux style bottles. Bottles known to have worked with these molds: W65, WP2, 9432, 8335, 7305. Flat bottom bottles can be slumped in the single condiment mold at lower temperatures to prevent the bottom folding over completely.      


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